Welcome to Old Skool Boxing & Fitness Academy Columbus Ohio’s #1 Boxing & Fitness Training Gym.

Finally a gym that combines Old School boxing with 21st century sports science! Burn fat, build muscle with MMA Strength and Conditioning


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Note: These videos were shot in our old gym. Please go to the gallery page to see pics of our new bigger and better gym.


At Pilger’s Old Skool Boxing & Fitness Academy we focus on all levels of boxing. From boxing fitness workouts, to competitive youth amateur boxing, & professional boxing. Our gym caters to your boxing training goals & aspirations.
Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy is dedicated to teaching you the forgotten boxing techniques that are rarely displayed today. Not only will you learn the forgotten old school techniques but you will learn 21st century strength/conditioning methods that will mold you into the best fighter possible!


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MMA Fitness Training


Too many gyms are closed minded to strength training and are WAAAAY behind in the best way to condition or lifting their fighters. Not at Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy. Here you are trained with the most up to date and cutting edge strength/conditioning methods possible. Combine this with the old school boxing techniques we teach and you are well on your way to achieving your boxing, fitness, fat,loss goals.

Sick of the typical boxing gyms that teach the 1-2-3 and then throw you to the wolves? Well at Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy you are taught boxing from the ground up, workout drills, training for boxing with hands on speed technique. You are taught through a workout routines system that assures you grasp and display all the boxing skills taught to you.


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Greg Fitness Expert
Curtis And Rob Pilger - Professional Trainner


You WILL not be put in the ring until you demonstrate to our coaches you are ready. You are also pushed according to your current training readiness as we DO NOT over train our students as is the common mistake. You will work hard BUT smart and with the restoration methods we use you will be well ahead of your competition and muscle building.

This is what LACKS in many schools today but not here. Use power workouts !

So if you are ready to join a professional USA gym in Ohio that guarantees and dedicates it’s reputation on bringing out the best in you then contact Coach Rob Pilger today and begin the journey!


I look forward to hearing from you.

Ph. 614-940-6049 Rob.Pilger@gmail.com

We Are Looking For Fighters


We are currently looking for serious students ages 8 and up who want to successfully compete as a fighter. First as an amateur and then a pro. YOU need NO experience as we will teach you from the ground up within our boxing training system. You will learn many authentic old school boxing skills to give you the ammo you need to be the best.


You must possess great work ethic, be dependable, reliable, accountable, committed, respectful, driven, and have pride in becoming the best you can. If you don’t possess these, then our gym is not for you.


If you do fit this mold contact Coach Rob today. Call (614) 940-6049 or email Rob.Pilger@gmail.com. There is a special discount on new students who want to compete as an amateur and or pro fighter.


WE are the most well traveled gym in Columbus & central Ohio. You will get the chance to compete in many in state & out of state fight shows and all the big national tournaments. YOU will get plenty of great opportunities that many don’t get. The opportunity for a successful amateur & or pro career is here for you now!


Contact Rob Pilger NOW to register and get started for this 6am early bird workout at (614) 940-6049 or email Rob.Pilger@gmail.com to get started!



6am Boxing Fitness Bootcamp!


Try the bootcamp 21 days for $69!


Scorch the fat off your body fast while toning up with our full body boxing fitness bootcamp workouts.


The workout will consist of jumping rope, body-weight conditioning exercises, heavy bag punch out drills, battling rope, sled pushes/pulls , and abdominal core exercises.


Now contact Coach Rob today at (614) 940-6049 or email Rob.Pilger@gmail.com to get started!