Boxing Training For Fitness & Fat Loss (Burpees Exercise).


Note: These videos were shot in our old gym. Please go to the gallery page to see pics of our new bigger and better gym.


If you are serious about getting in the best shape ever then there is no better time than now to make that commitment using burpees exercise!

Experience why so many people burn fat fast and easy with boxing training workouts. Of course there is no contact to getting you as lean as you have ever been. You release stress, learn an art and self defense at the same time! With NO contact. No more boring workouts that you dread, its cardio and weights workout or┬ácore training. You’ll look forward and become addicted to these non contact boxing workouts and your body and attitude will be proof of this. So unlock your hidden potential and get the body you always wanted now, using endurance training!

I back my service with a 100% money back guarantee that states if you are not satisfied with my service or don’t feel for some reason that you aren’t getting the results you want ( which is near impossible!) your money will be gladly refunded no questions asked!

The boxing workout (exercise physiology) includes:

  • Jumping Rope
  • Mobility/Flexibility Exercises
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Footwork drills/Ring Movement
  • Punch Mitt Work
  • Heavy Bag
  • Double End Bag
  • Abdominal/Core Exercises
  • Conditioning drills. Sledge strikes, sled pushes/pulls, body weight circuits, tempo runs, sprints, etc.

Note: You will be trained and pushed according you your current conditioning level. As your conditioning improves so does the intensity and volume of the training. Beginners who haven’t worked out in the while perform less volume to improve confidence and conditioning safely.

There is nothing to risk but everything to gain. I look forward to hearing from you to join fighter program.

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