Here at Old Skool Boxing, we have many trainers and coaches that will work with you one on one and that also teach group classes. So, if you feel like the group class isn’t enough then you can ask a trainer to spend some one on one time with you to perfect your form or even just to give you some general guidance.







Favorite thing about boxing:  No matter how bad my day has been, I can come to the gym and within minutes I start to feel the stress disappear.

Favorite thing about being a boxing trainer: I like to see how people progress as time goes by and knowing that my help and instruction has gotten them there.









Favorite thing about boxing: I always say that boxing is like life; you get hit but then you counter punch; you fall but you get back up. At the end of the day it’s all about composure, control, and being comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Favorite thing about being a boxing trainer: When I see people come into the gym and aren’t very confident then I know that boxing is right for them. First couple of days they don’t say anything to anyone. Next couple of days they will start lifting their head. Afterwards, you begin to see them answering questions and interacting with other people. The best thing about it is when you believe in people and they begin to believe in themselves.








Favorite thing about boxing:It’s mental and the mental skills that you learn from boxing can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Favorite thing about being a boxing trainer:I like watching people taking baby steps to be great and knowing that you are making an impact on them.








Favorite thing about boxing:I like the sport of it

Favorite thing about being a boxing trainer:Watching people’s reactions when they learn something new








Favorite thing about boxing:

Favorite thing about being a boxing trainer: