Amateur / Pro Boxing – Fat Loss Program

Rob’s focus and emphasis is to bring back the “Old School” skills of boxing flexibility training- the same style used by all of the greats but rarely taught today.

Students will master blistering punching combos, elusive defense ( rolling, slipping, weaving, parrying punches), graceful foot work while using angles and having the skill to cut off the ring, and precision punching with amazing accuracy/timing. You’ll learn these forgotten skills and more from flexibility training. By combining these traditional skills with new 21st century strength/conditioning sports science, we can and will create the best-skilled, best-conditioned fighter that you can be!

Everyone is trained to their ability, and brought along according to their train ability, and how they are developing. There is no rush. Learn the art, master the art, and enjoy the art! Then enjoy the self confidence, and empowerment you receive.

If the student chooses, We compete and travel to registered USA Boxing matches regularly.

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