Coach Rob Pilger
Rob Pilger
Weight: 225
Age: 0

Rob has competed as an Amateur boxer winning three golden glove championships, in addition to being a professional fighter. He has been involved in boxing, as a fighter, and now trainer for 21 years. Rob has been a strength/conditioning specialist for 11 years and is a CHEK II Practitioner, Westside Barbell Certified, and a USA Boxing Coach II. He has also interned and taken seminars with some of the biggest names in the strength/conditioning industry over the with the likes of Louie Simmons, Paul Chek, Mike Boyle, Charles Poliquin, and Tom Purvis.

He currently owns and operates his fight school in Columbus Ohio where he works with pro/amateur boxers, MMA fighters (UFC, StrikeForce, Bellator fighters) along with NHL, and MLS players, who enjoy the boxing workouts for improved conditioning and other athletes along with the general public. Rob has trained many golden glove and several national amateur boxing champions, as well as many professional fighters. Rob consults with top boxing and MMA skill coaches as well as numerous strength/ conditioning trainers.

His website is one of the only sites in the world that bridges old school boxing skill with 21st century sports science. His Ultimate Boxing Workout DVDs have been selling world wide in over 25 countries and counting. Finally Rob has been published in Muscle&Fitness Magazine,, Men’s Fitness magazine,, WestsideBarbell.

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