Matt Brown

“I would like to thank Rob for his great coaching he gives me when I am in Columbus Ohio. His padwork is right on point and his knowledge of boxing and conditioning are second to none. On top of all that, if it wasn’t for Rob I would still b…e suffering from a very sore lower back. My back was killing me as I walked into his gym one day for a workout. I left feeling better than I had in months due to a few exercises and advice from Rob. For a professional fighter this is invaluable and I will be returning to Robs gym every time I am in Ohio!”

–The Immortal Matt Brown-

“I meant to tell you this yesterday after I spoke to you for the first time, well even before that. One thing that I really appreciate and admire about your gym is that every single person in there from the fighters to the guys just starting out like me, to the people you just let train in there, like to help each other out. It’s like everybody wants everybody else to get better by working together like a team. That’s one thing I tell people about your gym. And that’s one reason why I’ll never go to any other gym.

And just one of the things about you that I appreciate and look up to is that I can tell you’re not just doing this for a pay check and you really want us to get better. I also like how you break everything down and how you work at everybody’s individual pace. I can tell you want everybody to be the best fighter they can be. And how you treat everyone gets the same great treatment!”

–Javon Svarch

“While meeting, and talking with Rob Pilger I knew within a few minutes he knew his stuff, and had real world experience. (He is a former Pro fighter). Rob is the kind of person I love to network with. He took his sport to the highest level and after it was over became a coach, and trainer. Education + Experience will always win out in the end. ”

–Dave Tate, President Elite FTS

“Rob has a tremendous passion for learning, a trait I really admire. He has amassed a huge amount of knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning through his constant search.”

— Mike Boyle
Elite Strength Coach/Author/Speaker

Rob Pilger is one of the best strength and conditioning professionals working. Rob is in the top 10% to be certain! I’ve known Rob for about seven years now, and our conversations continue to amaze me. The depth and breadth of his knowledge of not only the principles, but the practice of physical and mental conditioning are astounding. Even as a holder of an honors baccalaureate, and published author on the topic of strength and conditioning, I am occasionally humbled by his expansive practical knowledge. He has truly invested in his education and is most proficient where the “rubber meets the road”. What all of this means for you, the consumer, is that Rob Pilger gets results, because he takes the time to formulate a scientifically sound plan. If you are interested in becoming a peak performer, or simply want to look and feel better, your time and money spent with Rob will be well spent. It is my sincere pleasure to recommend, unconditionally, Rob Pilger for any strength and conditioning need. You deserve what he has to offer: the best!

–Shawn Frost
B.S. (hons) Psychology, minor Exercise Science, C.S.C.S.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Rob is passion. He truly has a passion for training and developing athletes. His knowledge and world-class program sets him apart from the average trainer. I learn something new every time I consult with Rob and his innovative training ideas have changed my programs. If you want to win, call Rob…now!

–Jim Smith, CSCS

“I have had the honor of knowing Rob personally and professionally since 2000. In this time I have been constantly amazed and energized by Rob’s high level of expertise and his relentless passion for providing clients with the highest quality of coaching and guidance possible. Very rarely is it that I come across a health and exercise professional who possesses as much skill or excitement for their work as he exhibits. Equally as impressive is Rob’s tireless pursuit of furthering his learning and bettering his self. I consider it a privilege to call Rob a colleague and a friend. Those fortunate enough to acquire Rob’s guidance are in excellent hands!”

— JP Sears
C.H.E.K Faculty/C.H.E.K Practitioner Level IV/Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Level III



“I’m extremely pleased with my decision to train with Rob Pilger. Each week I’m challenged both mentally and physically. Thanks Rob for the tremendous workouts!”

Joe Gardner
Columbus Ohio



“My experience in Rob’s gym has been a really good one. I have been training here for four months now. When I first started I didn’t really know anything about the correct way of boxing, like the stance, ring movement, how to throw with power in every punch. Rob works with everybody from the ground up. He is patient with teaching you everything step by step, until he feels that you are ready to move on to the next step. For any one looking to start or continue a career in boxing or any mma fighters looking to improve their striking. I would highly recommend you check this this gym out.”

Greg Bryant
Age 22
Amateur boxer



“I have been around and trained at many different types of gyms over the years and there is no better place to call home than Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy. Rob Pilger brings professional coaching to a new level a level you will not find elsewhere. Regardless of your experience or knowledge base all you need to bring to the table is some heart and honesty. I can truthfully say that there have been very few coaches I have ever known that take time to develop a client or fighter according to their individual needs like Rob. His training methods are direct and effective using years of experience and exercise science to get results. The gym is not filled with carpet, lush paint jobs or egos just the same tools that have been building champions for decades. So if you want train with a real professional coach who has actually walked the line you need to look no further.”

Zachariah Holmes



“I have been training at Coach Pilger’s gym for approximately 2 months. I had trained at 2 other boxing gyms prior to this, and can say without a doubt, this is the best system I have worked in. Not only do you get the experience of an outstanding cardiovascular workout, but also the benefit of invaluable hands-on instruction. The focus is from the ground up, maintaining an eye toward ever improving technique. Other gyms I have boxed at seem to “teach” by throwing you into a ring and letting you get hit. At Old Skool Boxing, I did not set foot in a ring until after no less then 6 weeks of intense tutelage and training. I would suggest Old Skool Boxing to anyone, whether you are a thirty something attorney (such as me), a teenage student or middle aged nurse. At Old Skool Boxing you will find something for everyone.”

Gordon Evans

“It is very rare today to find someone with Rob’s experience that will not only train you but also teach you. I think his success is a result of his ability to evaluate each individual, and push them, accordingly to there ability. He treats everyone as an individual, with respect, and as a friend.”

— Bruce Penny

“Rob Pilger is a great boxing and performance trainer that uses the best and most effective training and conditioning methods to enable me to achieve a competitive edge. Rob is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. He is a huge asset to me and my goal of becoming a great athlete.”

— Greg Trzaska
Professional Real Estate Investor

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